The Men of Harvest Community Church recently sat down to observe 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. The passage encourages us to fight for sexual purity in a culture crafted to cause us to fall.

5 Observations from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8:

1. The early church addressed sexual purity with its members. They recognized that the surrounding culture of convenient sex placed Christians in a daily battle to choose purity over impurity.

2. This passage offers explicit direction that Pornea (here translated sexual immorality) displeases Jesus. Jesus, through Paul, is giving Christians a clear command to choose sanctification and honor over pornea.

3. Jesus leaves no room for misunderstanding. “Sexual immorality” covers the physical acts, “lustful passion” covers the inward thoughts and desires, and “impurity” covers the unclean results. Jesus does not want us walking in these areas.

4. Jesus admonishes each of us to tailor our defense against sexual sin by pursuing bodily sanctification and bodily honor. More than giving us a list of “don’ts” He tells us what to pursue.

5. There are at least 2 people involved when we engage in immorality—either physically or mentally. Jesus warns us that He watches us and will avenge those wronged by us. God is concerned about the relational impact of our sexual sin. Sexual sin is not harmless.

Periodically, the Men of Harvest Community Church come together to observe a portion of Scripture for edification and encouragement. Grab your Bible and see what we see!

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Luis Molinero