The Men of Harvest Community Church recently sat down to observe Revelation 3:14-22. This passage calls us to end our self-sufficiency and return to dependence on Christ.

7 Observations from Revelation 3:14-22:

1. The church was indistinguishable from the culture around it. The inactivity of the church mirrored the lukewarm water that flowed into Laodicea.

2. Jesus is disgusted by lukewarm churches that are content with spiritual inactivity.

3. The church was lulled into a sense of self-sufficiency. They thought they had all they needed and so had lost their dependence on Jesus.

4. The church had become blind to their true condition. Without Jesus we are wretched. Without Jesus we are miserable. Without Jesus we are poor. Without Jesus we are blind. Without Jesus we are naked.

5. Prayerlessness is the mark of Laodicea. Prayer demonstrates our need for Jesus.

6. Jesus invites the church to go to Him before their condition is publically revealed. Jesus invites the church to come and be healed from their blindness.

7. Jesus stands outside the church asking to come in for fellowship.

Periodically, the Men of Harvest Community Church come together to observe a portion of Scripture for edification and encouragement. Grab your Bible and see what we see!

Image Credit: Shutterstock/nito